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Y Lashes


Y Lashes

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Crafted out of silky cruelty-free poly fibers and perfect for installing flawless lash looks in a snap, our Y lashes are high end lash extension strips expertly designed for fast, easy and guiltless fanned out applications. Our vegan grade material is thick, strong and sturdy yet thin and lightweight enough to prevent drooping and sagging. Available in 0.05 and 0.07 thicknesses, these yy lashes have a robust stoutness and hardiness to them but they’re light enough to not weigh down eyelids.

Proven to support superior retention performance, our yy lash strip features a straight base for secure adhesion and a lifted C or D curl that fans out wide to boost volume and fill in bare spots. The unique multi-dimensional lash design results in fuller, fluffier, longer and stronger lashes accentuated with a soft flutter, a silky texture and exaggerated 3D volume. Y lash users save time and still achieve an impeccably fanned out install. These y lashes are pre-fanned and pre-laid to make applying them to lids nearly effortless. Simply peel and stick.

We understand length matters. This is why we offer our y lashes in full size 8mm – 15mm lengths. Committed to providing our clients with lashes that fit the needs of their consumers, we go to great lengths to mold our lash extensions with precise measurements. Doing so has earned us a reputation among markets overseas as the leading lash supplier for private label resell.

The difference is in the details. We couldn’t be prouder of our exclusive design and the comprehensive manufacturing process we have implemented. Unlike other lash companies, we carefully glue every pre-made lash strip by hand in our own studio using our own professional quality equipment. Our team is dedicated to inspecting all lashes before being packaged. The yy strip lashes you’ll receive are guaranteed to be in pristine condition.

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