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Y Lashes


Y Lashes

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Benefit of Y Lashes:

For your customers: Y lashes is applied in the same way as classics, yet create a volume effect: fuller, softer and fluffier, great for covering gaps in sparse lashes and creating a gorgeous, voluminous look.

For lash salons: simply pick up from the base like a pre-made fan and place on the natural lash. The straight base allows for better retention due to the increased contact area, and best yet, crammed in just like individual lashes in a tray so they are a cost effective high profit margin service for the lash salons.

Features of Y lashes from Buzz Lashes

  1. Korean PBT fiber used: soft and natural.
  2. Handcraft: Professional weaving process for every YY lash fan stay together and NO fall apart easily.
  3. The adhesive used on tape are made in Japan to make sure Y lashes come off the strip easily.
  4. Custom degree curl standard with longer lasting.

OEM & Private Label 

Buzz Lashes has helped hundreds of lash salons create their own Y Lashes brand with great success, we are proud of working with them as their private label eyelash extensions supplier, want to have your own lash brand or single length in one tray? check details on our page  OEM & Private Label.