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Volume Lash Extensions

volume lash extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

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This Volume Lash Extensions are widely used for its best value for volume lashes using, after 100,000+ feedback from our customers, Buzz Lashes has amazed this style and it is time to try it for you! 

why choose buzz lashes: 

★ Crafts: 100% handmade.
★ Material: PBT Fiber made in Japan for its Super black and Matte.
★ Curl: Curl standard more suitable for clients after 100,000+ feedbacks.
★ Stable Curl: The curl keeps stable and longer time lasting.
★ Mixed length: 8*1, 9*2, 10*3, 11*3, 12*3, 13*2, 14*1, 15*1 in one tray.
 For wholesale or private label, pls contact us for more details. 

Remark: custom production only, 7-10 working days ready for shipping.