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Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Intensify volume and enjoy major lift without all the extra work. Each split to sprawl, spread and fan out, splintered faux mink fibers create volume eyelash extensions which help conveniently conserve time and minimize efforts.

Volumizing & Lengthening

Lengthen, define and volumize with our volume lash extensions to make eyes pop. Referred to as Russian volume lashes, these artificial mink lash extensions amp up volume and increase fullness to give you a dramatic lash look perfect for special events and formal occasions. They're eye-catching and striking, yet still subtle enough to leave people guessing whether they're real or not.

Multi-Dimensional Volume

These volume lash extensions are able to support voluminous lengths by spreading out and fanning out. The magic is in the splitting. Each filament is divided into multiple fibers so that they branch out and spread. This unique feature triples volume without the time-consuming process of applying one by one. Save time and still achieve an ample boost of volume to fill in thin, sparse and scraggly lashes.

Handmade with Lots of Love

Whereas real mink lashes are made from the fur of animals, ours are crafted by hand using top-of-the-line synthetic materials. Raw, expertly engineered and responsibly sourced, the faux mink filaments are deceptively realistic. They're as soft as silk, as black as midnight and as fluttery as genuine mink, yet extremely durable and cruelty-free.

Holds a Long Lasting Curl

Our volume lash fiber has been rendered to retain curl so that you don't have to waste time curling. The tenacity of our reusable faux mink lashes is what gives them a closely realistic appearance, lift and texture. Choose the curl grade that best suites your shape of eyes or the natural curve of your real lashes. No matter the curl level, all of our volume eyelash extensions tender a stark shade of matte black from root to tip for added drama and dimension.

Wholesale & Private Label 

We are proud to have partnered with reputable brands and popular lash boutiques  around the world. We offer Wholesale & Private Labeling for eyelash extensions to satisfy the needs of those wanting to brand their own merchandise, pls contact us for more details.

Remark: orders are custom produced so it will be ready for shipping 5-7 working days after payment confirmed.

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