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Premade Narrow fans 0.07mm 3D/6D Lashes

premade 3d fans

Premade Narrow fans 0.07mm 3D/6D Lashes

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You can finally get the look of full lashes without the fuss! Individualized and designed to mimic the movement of real lashes, these Premade Narrow fans 0.07mm 3D/6D Lashes minimize the time it takes to render a voluptuous fringe. They won't damage natural eyelashes and applying them is quick and easy. 

About the Product:  

 Crafts: 100% handmade. 
★ Material: PBT Fiber made in Japan for its so soft and light.
★ Lash artist: easy to use and Fast Application Time.
★ Customers: natural wearing with lightweight.
★ Features: Heat Bonded, 
Stable curl & Long Lasting.
★ 3D narrow fans: 40 fans/row, 6D narrow fans: 20 fans/row,16 rows/Large tray.
★ Wholesale from 100 trays mixed order accept, pls contact us for more details.

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