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Premade 4D Volume fans

russian 4d lashes

Premade 4D Volume fans

Regular price $15.80

Heat Bonded Premade 4D Volume fans are more open than regular fans and therefore our wide fans will create a soft and feathery overall look. Our wide fans have very small rootless thin bottom, fans are heat bonded so there are no glue. Therefore they connect with natural lash very well and lash connection points are seamless and look very natural on eyes. 

About the Product:  

★ Crafts: 100% handmade. 
★ Material: PBT Fiber made in Japan for its so soft and light.
★ Lash artist: easy to use and Fast Application Time.
★ Customers: natural wearing with lightweight.
★ Features: shorter base and wider fan than regular premade fans.
★ 16 Lines/320 fans/1280 Lashes per tray.
★ Wholesale from 100 trays mixed order accept, pls contact us for more details.

Remark: Easy fanning lashes are the best Alternative for premade volume fans.