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Flat Lash Extensions

flat lashes

Flat Lash Extensions

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The benefit of Flat Lashes

For final clients: flat lashes also called ellipse flat lashes or cashmere flat lashes, are best for classic one-on-one applying. They are great for thinner natural lashes wanting fuller-looking lashes with less weight added. Flattened base with split tips makes the lash itself super soft and much lighter than any rounded extension.

For lash salons: because of the broader base, greater contact area for the adhesive fastening to the natural lash, flat lash apply easily and retain their bond for a longer time.

For lash beauty distributors: this style gets known by more and more professional and luxurious users, good profit compared to the other types of lash extensions. 

Features of flat lashes from Buzz Lashes

  1. New Korean PBT fiber used: super weightless, dark black, and matte.

  2. Handcraft: easy pickup adhesive tape, entire supply chain under our side.

  3. Custom degree curl standard with 8-10 months curl-keeping guaranteed.

OEM & Private Label 

Buzz Lashes has helped hundreds of lash beauty distributors and salons create their flat lashes brand. We are proud of working with them as their private label eyelash extensions supplier; how to start your own lash brand? Click here:  OEM & Private Label.