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Flat Lash Extensions

flat lash extensions

Flat Lash Extensions

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Flat lash extensions differ from classic faux mink lashes due to their wider, thicker, flatter base lines. Recommended for those wanting a stronger and more secure hold, the widened tips cover extended surface space to support an even and more thorough distribution of adhesive.

Flattened Out Root Tips

The stems of our ellipse lashes are flattened, widened and leveled out to increase the scope of application. This means you'll be able to worry less about glue oozing out or the corners or your lashes lifting up. Flat lash extensions support a more stable no-lift fitting, making them the preferred choice among those looking to install long lasting lashes for everyday wear.

Cruelty-Free Faux Mink

Velvety and silky smooth, the filaments that these lashes are made from couldn't be softer. They're as soft and as silken as cashmere but incredibly durable and built to withstand long lasting wear. We carefully craft each set by hand using raw materials responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers. Get the look of real mink lashes without the outrageous cost or the guilt of animal cruelty.

Superior Bonding Powers

Bonding lashes for strong hold is made easy by our “flat lined” lash extensions. You don't need to use as much glue or as much “(wo)man power” to bond the lashes, because the flattened base helps distribute excess and lock in the adhesive. Enjoy reinforced strength without weighing down your eyes. Lightweight and fluttery but thick and sturdy, our matte black ellipse lashes are the flat lash extensions you can depend on.

Handmade in Japan with Love

These flat lashes are all handmade and meticulously inspected before being packaged. We pride ourselves on providing lash enthusiasts, professional lash artists and those building their own beauty brands with high quality lash essentials. These top tier flat ellipse lashes made from premium grade raw materials are available for individual sale, wholesale and private labeling.

There is NO Better Eyelash Extensions Than This Flat lash Extensions for Individual Application by Professional!

Buzz Lashes, Professional Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer Starts From Raw Material to Finished Lash Extension.