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Ellipse Flat Lashes


Ellipse Flat Lashes

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This Ellipse Flat Lashes with split tip style are 16 lines per tray, because of flat shape enlarging the glue contact area, this flat lashes is easy using and longer time lasting,  after 100,000+ feedback from our customers, Buzz Lashes has amazed this style and it is time to try it for you! 

why choose buzz lashes:

★ Crafts: 100% handmade.
★ Material: PBT Fiber made in Japan for its so super soft and light.
★ Curl: Curl standard more suitable for clients after 100,000+ feedbacks.
★ Stable Curl: The curl keeps stable and longer time lasting.
★ Mixed length: 8*1, 9*2, 10*3, 11*3, 12*3, 13*2, 14*1, 15*1 in one tray.
 For wholesale or private label, pls contact us for more details. 

Remark: custom production only, 7-10 working days ready for shipping.