Cashmere Flat Lashes Split Tip

About the product

★ Material: Sythetic Mink super soft and weightless;

★ Color: Natural black;

★ Curl: C/D, Thickness: 0.15/0.20mm;

★ Length: 8-15mm or Mixed;

★ 8-15mm Mixed length: 8*1, 9*2, 10*3, 11*3, 12*3, 13*2, 14*1, 15*1;


★ 100% handmade by experienced working staff (3+ years).

★ Strict Quality Control & Assurance Applied.

★ Easy to apply and save a lot of time for lash artist for its flat shape.

★ Split tips can make a effect of 3D.


NOTE: DHL free shipping on orders over 10 trays Mixed sizes accepted.  

Collections: Individual Eyelash Extensions

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