6D Rootless Wide Fans

Heat Bonded 6D Volume Lashes Rootless Wide Fans are more open than regular fans and therefore our wide fans will create a soft and feathery overall look. Our wide fans have very small rootless thin bottom, fans are heat bonded so there are no glue. Therefore they connect with natural lash very well and lash connection points are seamless and look very natural on eyes.

About the Product:

★ Material: Korean Silk PBT using for its so soft and light.

★ Mixed length:  8*1, 9*2, 10*3, 11*3, 12*3, 13*3, 14*1 in one tray.

★ Size: 16 Lines/160 pre-made rootless wide fans per tray. 

★ Time SAVED: Each cluster delicately & firmly consists of 6 Lashes;

★ Feature:  Heat Bonded – No Glue added, Totally KNOT-FREE.

NOTE: DHL free shipping orders over 10 trays mixed sizes accepted. 

Collections: Premade Volume Lashes

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