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OEM & Private Label

Get Your Own Private Label Eyelash Extensions and Brand Your Beauty

When offering lash extensions to clientele, it’s natural to want to give them the best. There are many brands to choose from as you stock up your inventory, each with sizes and textures that create new looks. Whether those looks help one person gain their confidence back in a newly-full lash line or it creates an overly-dramatic lash look, you want to be sure you have everything available to meet their needs.

Naturally, you’re not the only one offering lash extensions in your area. That’s where branding with private label lash extensions comes in.

private label lash extensions

Benefits of Your Own Private Label (OEM) Lashes

  • Gain brand notoriety in your area
  • Build your reputation and get more clientele
  • Design the lash extensions you want to offer to your clients
  • Customize based on what people want

Private label eyelash extensions are manufactured by a third-party but sold under your own brand name. You call the shots – what lengths, curls, thickness, textures, and colors your lashes look like plus how they’re packaged – and it’s delivered to you.

private label lash extensions

Now all you need is the best private label lash extension manufacturer…Buzz Lashes!

We offer countless choices of lash extensions for you to offer your customers. Classic and volumized thicknesses, colored eyelash extensions, cashmere flat lashes, easy fanning lashes, and premade volume fans are just a few examples of what we’re happy to create with your exclusive company brand.


Upholding Your Company Image with Quality You Can See

Have other manufacturers let you down? Buzz Lashes guarantees your satisfaction. We’ll stop at nothing to be your perfect partner in private label lash extensions.

Guaranteed quality that starts from our supply chain to our factory

Buzz Lashes has our own Controlled supply chain from the PBT Fiber material imported from Japan-lay out PBT Fiber material on the tape-cut off the extra-tube reeled with different curl-finalize the curl with our own craftsmanship-put the eyelash extensions on your graphic-packing with the customized box-label the sticker -finial quality checking etc. All the steps are all handled by our side to make sure that we can guarantee consistent quality for all our eyelash extensions by strictly quality controls, guided by the most stringent testing parameters.

 Exclusive R&D team on-site to ensure innovative lash extension creations

as the Professional Eyelash Extensions manufacturer and Vendor since 2008 who focus on eyelash extensions, our own product development team is able to create up a lot`s of new products every year. We use the most advanced technologies, materials and the innovative packaging is very important for us.

private label eyelash extension supplies

Delivery always on time

Eyelash Extension business is our family business, and most of our skilled working staff from 28-42 years old and they have worked for Buzz Lashes with over 8 years, they are quite familiar with every single details to make sure everything works perfect to make sure your orders will be shipped out on time.

 Unparalleled customer service to meet your needs no matter what

Your requirements are of primary importance to us, and that goes for both, service levels and product choices. When we work with your ideas, we'll be prove to be a competent and reliable business partner. You make the decisions; we take care of the rest. And your email will be replied in 24 working hours all the time.

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Plus, Buzz Lashes has helped hundreds of companies create their own private eyelash extensions label with great success. Some of the most renowned brands are backed by our extensive quality, we are proud of working with them as their private label eyelash extensions supplier all the time.


What's the process of Private Label?

First, we encourage you to send us message about the background of your company (lash training school/brand distributor/ chain lash salons etc) and your market area (which country are you going to sale) as after more than 100+ private label experience, we have found that different background and sales channel has very big different in eyelash extensions requirements (raw material, tape, handcraft, stable curling, packing etc), so that we can make the right lash extensions for your target market.

Second, we will send you a quotation for your potential order and if you decide to start the private label with us (international shipping solution will be provided for your reference too), the design process will starts.

Third, we make the free samples according to your requirements specially and customize your graphic design & get inspired for your brand.

Forth, you confirm everything, paid the deposit by PayPal/Credit Card/Bank transfer into our company account, then we start to make the bulk production for you and ship it out on time.

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Contact Buzz Lashes Today and Create Your Private Label Lash Extension Brand!

At Buzz Lashes, we’ve been doing what we do since 2008. Every year, we continue to move forward with the latest innovations to bring an even better experience to the companies we work with. Let us show you what partnering with us can do to make your business soar!