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OEM & Private Label

How to start your own lash brand

When you have a lash salon or are ready for lash beauty supply, souring a reliable brand for consistent lash extensions is essential for your business. Plus, considering their price and customer service, you might think about: why not start my own lash brand?

Private label eyelash extensions are manufactured by a third party but sold under your brand name. You call the shots – what is the quality level, lengths, curls, thickness, your lashes look like, plus how they're packaged – and it's delivered to you.

private label lash extensions

Benefits of your own (OEM) lashes

  • Consistent lash extensions will build your lash salon's outstanding reputation and get more clients.
  • Your brand of eyelash extensions makes your business more professional and unique gain brand notoriety in your area.
  • Your private brand increases client loyalty.
  • Good profit from continuous sales under your excellent customer service.

Buzz Lashes has helped hundreds of lash beauty distributors and salons create their eyelash extensions brand with great success. We are proud of working with them as their private label eyelash extensions supplier.

private label lash extensions

High quality with reasonable price

After 14 years of professional lash extensions manufacturing, Buzz Lashes has redefined the high quality with reasonable price:

  1. The raw material is a combination of soft, black, and matte.
  2. Any defective half-finished product will not be passed in the next step.
  3. Curl standards need to be measured in digit way from 5-20mm in length.
  4. Lash trays curls need to be well kept in 8-10 months guarantee.
  5. Ethics are committed to providing partners not just meet but exceed expectations. 

individual lash extensions

Small mini orders accepted

Unlike other eyelash extension suppliers and vendors, we insist big orders lead to a surplus of supply, especially at their beginning. Thanks to a whole lash extension supply chain under our control, buzz lashes can accept small private label orders of all sizes.

lash extensions manufacturer  

Free samples testing

Before placing bulk orders, samples for quality level and curl standard testing are necessary. After your experience with our individual faux mink lash extensions with lengths, textures, styles, and more, buzz lashes will put your logo to our lashes specially.

faux mink eyelash extension supplier

Easy process private label under your own brand

1. Request for free samples of quality level and curl standard testing.

2. Send us your logo in AI or PSD format after your sample confirmation.

3. Place your private label order and start producing for you.

private label eyelash extension trays

Professional customer support

Buzz lash understands efficient communication and professional customer service will save you time. We offer you the best solution to help your demands come to the truth with our rich experience in this lash manufacturing industry since 2008.

individual eyelash extension manufacturer

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