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1) Who is Buzz Lashes?

Buzz Lashes is our compan name, Professional Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer & Vendors, Starts from Raw Material to Finished Lash Extensions.

2) Who is your customers?

We are here mainly for privte label for some Top & New cosmetic brands in this industry who want to provide their customers real high & stable quality level of eyelash extensions.

3) Comparing to the other suppliers, what is your special feature?

  1. We used the raw material developed by Buzz Lashes made in Japan.
  2. Manufacturing eyelash extensions from raw material to finished lash extensions.
  3. Our skilled working staff are happy working with Buzz Lashes.
  4. Advanced quality control system make sure every tray of eyelash extensions are 100% top-quality.
  5. Rich experience in working with Leading Brands as their eyelash extensions private label supplier.

4) What is your eyelash extensions made of?

We only developped and use best PBT fiber which is more durability, flexibility with the curl can be lasted longer time, 100% cruelty-free guaranteed.

5) Does your curl meets my requirements?

Every supplier has their own curl standard, however Buzz Lashes use "degree cur" standard which is so easy for you to tell us the curl you want with the degree that you requested, sample order to test the quality level and curl standard is necessary before your bulk order.

6) What is your mini order?

Usually we only accept 600 trays per order with mixed order acccepted is our usual mini order, however trial order is available without limited for every brand

7) how can i get samples?

contact us for your sample requirements including the style/curl/thickness/length with each quantity, we will reply you in 24 working hours, Monday to Saturday.

8) Can I buy some other relative items from you?

We are only eyelash extensions manufacturer and Vendors here and no other offer.

9) How is your "private label" working?

after years of experience in private label eyelash extensions, we have the easiest process for private label, for more details pls check the details on our page PRIVATE LABEL.