Free shipping orders from 20 trays

Blind Box Black Friday 2021

Lots of customers keep asking, hey BUZZ LASHES, what is your BF promotion this year? what is your percent off?

this year we are going to be different:

1. Buy one get one Blind tray, orders from 20 trays.

Example: when you order 20 trays of premade 6D fans with your required size, it will be another 20 trays with Blind size for you freely, nobody know the size for the extra 20 trays until you got it, but it will be definitely large tray of premade fans, that is  it. if you ordered 30 trays of volume lash extensions, it will be another 30 trays for you freely, nobody know the exact one until you got it, but definitely it will be volume lash extensions.

2. this promotion will be only working on 26th of Nov with the discount code BlindBox, anyone without this code or wrong code, it is not working(when you put the discount code, if usd0.01 reduced from your total order, which means it is well worked.)

3. don't worry about the size you ordered which is going to be exact size you ordered, and this Blind size is only for the extra ones we put them freely for you, and we just want to bring you the unexcepted happiness since the life for 2020-2021 is really so hard for all of us.

By the way, free shipping orders from 20 trays.

Enjoy great fun for this coming Black Friday.
Buzz Lashes Team.