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Premade 7D Wide fans

Premade 7D fans

Premade 7D Wide fans

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These Premade 7D fans are everything lash dreams are made of!

They are consistent Extra Lightweight, Super Soft creating a fluffy full Russian effect with natural looking, The base of the fans are not clumpy which really helps when adhesive is added, also they come off the strip easily, They balance perfect on even the smallest lashes. The curl stays and the thickness is very soft but volume, Perfect for filling in gaps in clients natural lashes or use for a hybrid set of extensions, so easier and faster with your client! 

  • ★ Ideal for lash artist when you are starting to do volume sets.
  • ★ Created for busy lash artists by cutting lashing time in half 
  • ★ Perfect for clients who want that really natural blended look

7 lashes/fan, 20 fans per line, 16 lines per tray which is 2240 lashes per tray.

★ Wholesale from 100 trays mixed order accept, pls contact us for more details

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