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Mega Volume Lash Extension

Mega Volume Lash Extension

Mega Volume Lash Extension

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Crave showstopping volume? Designed to instantly deliver epic volume, these lash extensions turn everyday lash artists into wizardly magicians. Split, stacked and layered, our mega volume lashes are the self-fanning lash extensions of the future.

Quick & Easy Mega Volume

Efficiency is key. Created to help save time and simplify the process of applying lash extensions for extreme volume, our mega volume lashes come split, splintered and ready to spread out over your lash line. This unique “self” fanning feature allows the lashes to provide more volume and more coverage without wasting any time. Push the boundaries when it comes to depth, drama and definition with our most intense volume lashes yet.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

We've taken the prerequisites and the desires of both professional lash artists and DIY glam girls into account when designing these self fanning Russian volume eyelash extensions. By eliminating the need to waste time curling and streamlining the process to make the process more efficient, we've revolutionized the industry with game-changing faux mink lash extensions. Simply pluck them up and glue them down. No tedious prep work required.

Multi-Dimensional Volume

We carry these mega volume eyelash extensions in various degrees of thickness, curl and dimension. Choose 3D mega volume lashes for triple the volume, 4D lash extensions for 4X the volume, 5D eyelash extensions for 5X the volume or our first ever multi fan for ULTIMATE volume. Secure a flawless fanned out effect almost instantly. Save time to focus on other aspects of your makeup!

Amazing Color/Curl Retention 

All of you volume loving ladies have finally met your MEGA match. Handcrafted out of filaments made from raw materials, our faux mink super volume eyelash extensions provide the softness and silkiness of mink without the cruelty. That's right. They're 100% cruelty-free. The lashes look and feel like real mink, but they're actually synthetic. This means they have exceptional retention when it comes to holding curl and maintaining their glamorous matte black color. 


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