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Brown is Beautiful: Why You Should Stock Brown Lashes

Offering quality lash extensions to your clients is important to you. But also offering variety to them will serve you well in getting and keeping clients for lash applications. One of the best lash extension products you should have is eyelash brown lashes by Buzz Lashes.

Eyelash brown lashes are made from materials in South Korea and have the highest quality about them. The material is premium quality and kink-free to assure you of the best and easiest lash application. They are also incredibly lightweight so clients will feel like they are wearing nothing at all.

While it’s hard to tell the difference in color in photos on your screen, the eyelash brown lashes once applied lend a truly natural look and are ideal for those with lighter hair color. They add a simple and very natural accentuation to the eyes. These are ideal for women who don’t want tons of drama. They just want their lashes to be there and look as real as possible. The eyelash brown lashes have the same movement of natural lashes so they look completely real. No mascara is needed to enhance the affect, making it a perfect option for women who don’t wear much makeup but feel embarrassed about their thinning lashes.

Another thing you should know about these eyelash brown lash extensions is that there are a variety of sizes in one package. That means you can adjust and customize with ease without ordering so many different packages. In the same package, you get lengths of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm.

effect of eyelash brown lashes

 The quality of these eyelash brown lash extensions is unparalleled. Buzz Lashes manufactures and exports these lash extensions all around the world. As a leader in the industry, they have the experience and skills needed to work with you from before, during, and long after you’ve received your order to ensure your complete satisfaction and build a quality relationship with a supplier you can trust.

Since Buzz Lashes manufactures their own lash lines, you also enjoy the savings from not having to pay the middle man. You can buy them direct and have them shipped to you as you need them. The lash extension industry is booming in Qingdao, China however only Buzz Lashes has the know-how when it comes to providing exemplary customer service and quality while speaking your language.

 brown eyelash extensions

Create your own buzz for your brand with Buzz Lashes. These eyelash brown lashes are just another fantastic example of how Buzz Lashes can help you and your clients look the best ever. Buying straight from the manufacturer saves you money and assures you the best quality to provide your clients with. Cost-effective, natural-looking, high-quality eyelash brown lashes are an absolute must to stock in your salon!