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Going the Distance: What You Need to Know about Lash Extensions?

Every woman wants longer, fuller lashes. Some are born with it while others could use a little boost. That’s why lash extensions have become so incredibly popular. But there are a few things every woman should know before she gets lash extensions, particularly since it involves getting so close to the eye. Knowing before having lash extensions added is important for both the lash extension professional as well as the woman looking for lengthier lashes.

Here are some commonly asked questions about lash extensions along with answers to help guide you.

  1. What do lash extensions do?

Lash extensions add length and thickness to thinned or short lashes. By having them added, they give a more natural look. Having them done professionally ensures that no one will be able to tell they’re not your real lashes, plus professional application involves the use of an adhesive that is safe for eyes.

  1. Who applies the lash extensions?

You’ll find thousands of salons all over the world that perform the services of lash extensions. However, just as one would check out a salon for hair and nail credentials, the credentials of the lash specialist should be looked into too. Because it involves such close proximity to the eyes, it is important that the lash extension professional be an esthetician or cosmetologist. The working area in the salon should be clean and sanitary too or it is not a good place for lash extension application.

  1. Can’t anyone apply the lash extensions?

For truly authentic looking lashes, it is important for a trained professional to perform the application. These are not the same kind of lashes you find for $1 in the beauty bin at the drugstore. These lash extensions are designed to stay in place and are not intended to be removed when makeup is removed at the end of the day.

  1. How long do they last?

While lash extensions do last much longer than a pair of false lashes from the store, they will need to be redone every 6 to 8 weeks. That’s because like real lashes, they fall out on their own. For women that want to keep the lash-filled look, getting them redone every other month is a good idea.

  1. Is there any way to make lash extensions last longer?

Lash experts advise that sleeping on the back is preferred in order to avoid losing lashes. Ladies new to the application of lash extensions often can’t resist touching them, but letting them be is the best way to keep them from falling out faster.

  1. How do they come off?

For women that tire of the length, heading back to the professional that applied the lash extensions is advised. Professionals know how to properly remove lash extensions without causing damage to the real lashes.

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