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Make More of an Impact with Ellipse Flat Lashes

It seems almost counterintuitive but did you know that ellipse flat lashes can give eyelashes the most voluptuous volume of all? For clients that really want to amp up their eyes and have those sexy come-hither lashes, ergonomically flattened ellipse-shaped lashes create even more drama.

When women seek out eyelash extensions, they want something that gives them a natural look yet adds some sexiness. After all, what’s the point to add lash extensions if they do nothing to enhance your appeal? Buzz Lashes creates these ellipse flat lashes that were designed to provide the absolute most dramatic impact of all, despite having a flat edge. It makes it even easier for you to apply perfectly though and gives your clients so much more to love about ellipse flat lashes.

Benefits of Ellipse Flat Lashes

  • They’re lighter! In fact, they are 47% lighter than other lash extensions.
  • They’re softer!They’ll make his heart aflutter with their softness when they caress his cheek, just as soft as real eyelashes.
  • They bond better!Performing your skillful craft just got a whole lot easier with ellipse flat lashes. They bond better to the natural lash line, creating a completely seamless and realistic look for your clients.

Buzz Lashes knows how to help you do business better. In every package of ellipse flat lashes, there are a variety of sizes. That allows you to customize and adjust as you need to provide the most beautiful and natural eyelash extension application to your clients. In the same package, you get lengths of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm.

Quality is something that Buzz Lashes holds to the highest standards. They not only export them, but they also manufacture them in pristine settings to assure that you only get the very best lash extension products in the world. They are an industry leader with nearly 10 years of experience bringing premium quality lash extensions to every corner of the world.

Choose quality with Buzz Lashes and you won’t be compromising on service or price. There’s no need to pay more for ellipse flat lashes. The quality is easy to see in every package with lashes that look so real it’s virtually indiscernible once applied. Your clientele will be thrilled to have such fun, flirty, and fabulous lashes.

High quality doesn’t have to mean high prices. Buzz Lashes passes the savings to you so you can help your clients save too. When they see how beautiful they look, they’ll be back again and again, which only helps your business to become more of a success.