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How to Find the Best Eyelash Extensions?

How to Find the Best Eyelash Extensions

One of the biggest concerns for women when it comes to beautifying is having fuller, thicker lashes. For many even mascara doesn’t cut it and lash extensions then become a viable option. The best eyelash extensions give women more lashes in a natural way, not in that fake giant spider way.

But unlike the false eyelashes women can find at the corner store, lash extensions are applied by professionals who know a thing or two about doing it right, making it last and making it look natural. They are also a big commitment since once a woman gets lash extensions, she’ll need to come in at least 6 times a year to have them done again.

Helping women choose the best eyelash extensions is important to keep their natural lashes healthy. Here’s how to help them find the best eyelash extensions for their needs.

Choosing the right type
Lash extensions are made from synthetics, silk or PBT silk. Synthetics should really be avoided because they’re plastic, heavy and cause a lot of damage. You’ll want to try to match the lashes of the women you apply lashes to. Think of the coarseness of the hairs and match them. One of the nicest options is PBT material, which is imported from South Korea. It’s a silky material which is a faux version of mink eyelashes. The result is a softer effect that’s a little bit fluffy and incredibly flattering without being from an animal, making it an ethical and responsible choice.

Length and fullness
For those that have naturally long lashes, it’s a good idea to choose fuller lash extensions to supplement the lash line. Applier a longer lash for those with long lashes will eventually have them turning downward. Medium length lashes could do with a bit of fullness and length without causing a problem. Those with a thin and sparsely-populated lash line need medium fullness to round it out. Essentially, in order to give your clients the best experience and find them the best eyelash extensions, you should look closely at their existing lashes and see what their needs are. By meeting those needs, you’ll find the best eyelash extensions.

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