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Give Them Eyes That Dazzle with Mink Eyelash Extensions

When you’re ordering mink eyelash extensions from a supplier, you want to be sure you’re getting the best quality for your price. Buzz Lashes gives you both of those things as well as a choice of length, thickness and curl so you can help your clientele achieve that naturally full lash look.

Mink eyelash extensions by Buzz Lashes are made from premium Korean PBT. They are the deepest black, just like midnight and are easy to apply. Your clients will love them because they are so lightweight, plus they look and feel natural too. There is no kinking, making it simple for you to do your job flawlessly.

Another thing you should know about these mink eyelash extensions is that there are a variety of sizes in one package. That means you can adjust and customize with ease without ordering so many different packages. In the same package, you get lengths of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm.

The quality of these mink eyelash extensions is unparalleled. Buzz Lashes not only exports these high-quality lash extensions but they also manufacture them. That means that Buzz Lashes is an expert in the industry, knowing the lash extension market from pre-production to well-beyond the production line. It is with this expertise from start to finish that makes it a fantastic choice for stocking your mink eyelash extension supplies.

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Additionally, because Buzz Lashes manufactures their own lash lines, the saving are passed along to you when you buy directly. There’s no need to pay more for quality lash extensions. The quality is easy to see in every package with lashes that look so real it’s virtually indiscernible once applied. Your clientele will be thrilled to have such lengthy, full and incredibly sexy lashes that look real.

With the money you save ordering your lash extensions from Buzz Lashes, you too can pass the savings on to your customers making your services more attainable for every woman who wants to look her best. They’ll keep coming back for more quality lash applications from you and your business will be thriving.

Since 2008, Buzz Lashes has been providing beautiful, premium-quality eyelash extensions to salons and makeup artists around the world. For both small and large businesses alike, create some buzz for your own business by working with Buzz Lashes to add value to your brand and give you the cost-effective flexible solutions you need in order for your salon to thrive.