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Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Want to know the secret to getting more clients for professional eyelash extensions? Show them eyelash extensions before and after! A picture is worth 1,000 words, and when women see eyelash extensions in action, they know it’s worth the time to get them done.


You should also make sure that you’re using high quality eyelash extensions. Professionals like you know that answering questions that new clients may have about the eyelash extensions as well as the application of them can go a long way to turning someone into a customer for life.

Show them the lash extensions

Go ahead and show them what you use. You don’t need to get technical but let them see the quality of the lash extensions you use and let them feel how soft they are. For the best quality, Buzz Lashes has it for less than any other wholesale eyelash extensions manufacturer anywhere.

 eyelash extensions

Explain the process

You might do this every day of your life, but to a new client, this is totally new. Help put them at ease by telling them what they can expect.

Let them see the results

You should always keep a book of photos that feature eyelash extensions before and after. This way, your clients can flip through and see the results. Plus, they can show you what they like. When you sit with them to discuss what’s best for their lashes, the book of eyelash extensions before and after photos will be helpful for you both. You’ll be able to understand her wants and needs and communicate clearly with each other. They can also see the different types of lash extensions available like ellipse flat lashes, colored eyelash extensions, and smart camellia lashes, to name a few.

 before after from buzz lashes

Speaking of clear communications, you’ll want to choose an eyelash extensions manufacturer that knows how to work with you. Buzz Lashes is all the buzz in the eyelash extensions industry because of their impeccable quality, fast delivery, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service. If you’re looking for the best eyelash extensions anywhere, you’ll find them with Buzz Lashes.

Plus, Buzz Lashes also has eyelash extensions before and after on their website so you can see just how amazing you can make your clients look with eyelash extensions that look and feel like real ones, that are easy to apply, and that enable you to give your clients the best quality for much less.

 before after buzz lashes

Eyelash extensions before and after can be your most powerful selling tool when it comes to new clients. When you give them a quality product like those from Buzz Lashes along with your quality services, you’ll find it’s a winning combination!