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Eyelash Extension Reviews: Why Everyone Loves Buzz Lashes

When eyelash professionals use eyelash extensions created by Buzz Lashes, they’re passing on incredible quality at an incredible value to their clientele. In fact, they have a greater than 99% satisfaction rating among their customers. Why do eyelash professionals and the women who wear Buzz Lashes love them so much?

Outstanding quality

Buzz Lashes are all made from quality materials that look and feel real. They blend seamlessly into the natural lash line. Unlike false eyelashes that come from the bargain bin at the drugstore, the lashes created by Buzz Lashes are of superior quality and are never made from plastic.

Easy to apply

Professionals love them because they’re easy to work with to apply to any client that walks through your salon. Give them the full and gorgeous lashes the want and love without a fuss. Buzz Lashes makes doing your job so much easier and that’s why professionals like you order them again and again to get the job done right.

Great value

Buzz Lashes knows that every bit of money you spend affects your bottom line. That’s why these eyelash extensions are priced right to give you a great value. Buzz Lashes is a wholesale eyelash extension manufacturer and distributes the eyelash extensions they make so there’s no middle man. It goes from the factory straight to your place of business without delay.

Speedy shipping

According to the eyelash extensions reviews, customers were impressed with the speed that they received their eyelash extensions. Buzz Lashes knows that you need the right supplies to get the job done right and won’t keep you waiting for your delivery.

Outstanding communication

Buzz Lashes is situated in Qingdao, China in the Shandong Province, where it is popular to manufacture eyelash extensions. But only Buzz Lashes speaks your language and can effectively communicate with you from abroad. Responding to all your inquiries and ensuring your satisfaction is why Buzz Lashes is the only top-rated wholesale eyelash extension manufacturer.

Because Buzz Lashes focuses on providing quality that both professionals in the industry can use to build their own reputation and a finished product that clients will love, it’s no wonder the eyelash extension reviews for Buzz Lashes are buzzing with positive notes.

Go for quality at a great value and start stocking your eyelash extension supplies from Buzz Lashes. This leader in lash extensions assures the best quality, service, and prices that your clients will come back for again and again.