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Eyelash Extension Removal: What Your Clients Should Know

When it comes to eyelash extensions, your new clients will always have questions. They’ll want to know how you apply them, which eyelash extensions are the most suitable for their unique needs, how to care for them, and of course, they’ll want to know about eyelash extension removal.

For most women, for eyelash extension removal, they will likely let them fall out naturally as they run their course. Then they will schedule another appointment with you to fill them out once again and give them that luscious lashy look they love.

Other women will want to have them removed for one reason or another. It’s important to tell your clients that eyelash extension removal can happen naturally if they wish to let it happen. It’s equally as important though to let them know that if they aren’t content with waiting for their eyelash extensions to naturally fall out that you can professionally remove them.

You must always urge your clients to never attempt to do eyelash extension removal on their own. They can rip out their natural lashes along with the eyelash extensions, leaving their eyelids barren. You should also let them know that eyelash extension removal is a painless process, though for the ultimate pain-free eyelash extension removal, just allowing them to fall out on their own is a choice most women make.

Don’t forget to tell them that eyelash extension application is not permanent. If you neglect to tell them this during the initial consultation, you might have some very unhappy clients. The best thing to do is tell them everything from the first time they come in so they know exactly what to expect.

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