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  • Feb, 02 , 18

Eyelash Extension Reviews: Why Everyone Loves Buzz Lashes

When eyelash professionals use eyelash extensions created by Buzz Lashes, they’re passing on incredible quality at an incredible value to their clientele. In fact, they have a greater than 99% satisfaction rating among their customers. Why do eyelash professionals and the women who wear Buzz Lashes love them so much?...

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  • Jan, 24 , 18

Eyelash Extensions Cost: Why You Don’t Need to Pay More for Quality Extensions?

Have you been having a hard time finding the right eyelash extensions for your clients because of the cost? You want to give them a quality product at a fair price, but it seems like when you opt for eyelash extensions cost that is low, you get a product that...

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  • Jan, 19 , 18

Eyelash Extension Removal: What Your Clients Should Know

When it comes to eyelash extensions, your new clients will always have questions. They’ll want to know how you apply them, which eyelash extensions are the most suitable for their unique needs, how to care for them, and of course, they’ll want to know about eyelash extension removal. For most...

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  • Jan, 10 , 18

Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Want to know the secret to getting more clients for professional eyelash extensions? Show them eyelash extensions before and after! A picture is worth 1,000 words, and when women see eyelash extensions in action, they know it’s worth the time to get them done. You should also make sure that...

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  • Jan, 06 , 18

Brown is Beautiful: Why You Should Stock Brown Lashes

Offering quality lash extensions to your clients is important to you. But also offering variety to them will serve you well in getting and keeping clients for lash applications. One of the best lash extension products you should have is eyelash brown lashes by Buzz Lashes. Eyelash brown lashes are...

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  • Dec, 27 , 17

Add More Color to Your Eyes with Colored Eyelash Extensions

Whether you want to add a light hint of color or go blatantly bold, colored eyelash extensions are the latest must-have trend in the world of cosmetics. It makes sense since women of all ages are going for bolder, brighter hair colors. Why not make the eyelashes truly pop with...

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