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A new approach to
eyelash extensions

Most eyelash extensions are designed to be manufactured at the lowest possible cost, but Buzz Lashes provides the highest possible quality, at a price that’s more than competitive! As a result, we help you reduce customer complaints and build your brand with quality that’s easy to see… At a price that really can’t be beaten.

Handcrafted from
start to finish

Buzz Lashes was started in 2008. We knew we wanted the best raw PBT fiber for our lashes, so we built our headquarters in Osaka, Japan. We also knew we wanted to do more than just apply the lash strip and box pre-made lashes from China. That’s why we built our own factory in China to curl and manufacture our lashes exactly the way our customers (like possibly you!) want.


Our company is 100% focused on manufacturing eyelashes to meet the specifications of consumer-facing brands. You build the brand.

We will be the hidden team behind your success.

Our philosophy of honesty

We have been in this industry a long time, and we are not going anywhere! If ever one of your customers complains about the lashes we provide, we will work tirelessly with you to ensure the problem is resolved. Since we control every part of the manufacturing process, you have more control over the end product with us than with any other eyelash manufacturer.

We believe the way employees feel about the company they work for says a lot. That’s why we are kind to our employees and offer extensive training. The workers in our factory never cut corners; they take the time to get your lashes right, and they are treated with kindness and respect during every step of the process.

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