The 5 Questions You MUST Ask Your Next Private Label Lash Extension Manufacturer

How to Source A Wholesale Lash Extension Supplier That Helps YOU Achieve Your Business Goals

What is your manufacturing process?

As an experienced eyelash extension supplier yourself, you’ve probably run into the fact that nearly all eyelash extension manufacturers who offer private label services pretty much offer the same “one-size-fits-all” service.

You get the same eyelash extensions as every other supplier. Why? Because they don’t FOCUS on eyelash extensions. Their manufacturing process is simple – too simple. They devote one line on their factory floor to eyelash extensions, and that’s it. What you see is what you get.

Which pieces of the manufacturing process do I control?

If you’re looking to expand your operations, or upgrade your product, then you’ll want to start controlling the manufacturing yourself – specifying exactly how you want your eyelash extensions manufactured – so you can get the best results.

Even the more robust manufacturers usually don’t offer a lot of control, because they don’t have the flexibility to change their process for any one customer. To them, you’re just another number – and you deserve something better.

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Buzz Lashes lets you maintain control over every step of the process, from the materials to the curling, and beyond.

Where do your materials come from?

What you might not know about eyelash extension wholesale distributors is this: for the most part, they simply order raw materials and package them up for you. They have almost no control over the supply chain, the source of the fibers, or anything else.

Additionally, although Korean PBT fibers are the most popular on the market, Japanese PBT fibers are actually softer and more natural.

Manufacturers like Buzz Lashes are rare: we actually source our own fibers and handcraft them in-house with the team of employees at our Japanese plant.

soft pbt fiber from japan

The best kind of fibers for lash extension manufacturers are Japanese PBT fibers which are originated just miles away from our location in Japan!

How do you ensure always-on-time delivery?

The best way to do ensure on time delivery is to have complete control over every step of the manufacturing; that way, one late shipment from the raw materials supplier doesn’t cause a manufacturing meltdown.

If any eyelash extension manufacturer is offering private label, yet they don’t control their own supply – then sooner or later something will happen to make them late. And when they do run behind schedule, it hurts you too.

You deserve better: work with a manufacturer who does it all – from materials to packaging – In-house.

How will you help me manage complaints and keep customers from switching?

Here’s a secret: even though customers switching from your lashes to some other brand is probably your #1 concern… Most lash extension suppliers don’t even know it happens.

They just take orders and make sure the machines are running smoothly. But not Buzz Lashes. You see, we started as a successful eyelash extension supplier just like you… And we grew into a manufacturer who now controls everything from our fibers to the final box.

Everything in our process is handcrafted and completely customizable… Because we, just like you, had to deliver the perfect product to keep our customers loyal.

Now, we can do the same for you. We help keep your customers loyal, cut down on complaints and switching salons, by adapting our product to fit your clients’ needs. We’ll help you find solutions – so you can grow faster than ever, with complete control over your manufacturing.

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Buzz Lashes: Delivering Solutions
To Your Biggest Questions

Here at Buzz Lashes, we’ve built our business around our customers (like you!) – and, as a result, we feature transparent manufacturing, complete control over the process, and a willingness to work alongside you to solve your biggest challenges.

When finding the best lash extension vendors for your brand, we recommend asking these 5 questions before you send a single RFQ. And if you’re interested in working with a manufacturer who already “gets” all of your problems – and has an answer for all of them?

Then you just might want to work with Buzz Lashes.
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